About the Chef


I am a food lover that enjoys all the aspects of food including creating new dishes, recreating old ones, planning food events and sharing with family and friends. 

I love the discovery of new cuisines (I'll try anything at least once and believe me, I have tried a few things) and the efforts of recreating them. My cuisine experiences include experiencing foods from Philippines, India, Australia, Italy, Mexico, France, Africa, Japan, South Korea, the Caribbean, and Central America.

I admit to thoroughly enjoying holidays in which the planned tourist pursuits include discovering new foods and of course pairing them with the regions wine offering. This is what I call…a balanced vacation. 

Cooking has been a love of mine as far back as I can remember, starting with my Easy PASTA dishes to impress the girls. Sunday morning fun meant serving pancakes to any of my friends who would happen to be around. I have fond memories of learning my friend’s secret family recipes and recreating them to my own. My friends always said, "cooking is your passion, you should find a way to make a living at it.” So, here I am!

I know people come home from work tired, stressed, and just wanting something delicious and healthy to eat, but do not having the time or energy to prepare it. I knew I could help these individuals by providing nourishing and mouth-watering meals they could simply heat and enjoy. What could be easier, or more delicious?

The dinner hour is an endangered species. I know hectic schedules, nonstop email, and texting are cutting into precious family time. Stop eating on the run. Sit down to a wholesome, home-delivered meal together. Reconnect, laugh, and yes, eat! Dinner's ready when you are.

Enough about be for now. Personal information is best shared over food and glasses of wines.

The Kitchen391 team of culinary experts is ready to create delicious meals for you. You won't be disappointed.


I am always open to sharing some recipes?